This Girl Can, part 2: Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon is as old as the Equal Pay Act that she discussed during her lecture last night at Glasgow University. But while the act has done too little, and remains unimplemented, no one can accuse Sturgeon of having failed to achieve what she set out to do. As the first woman First Minister, one … Continue reading This Girl Can, part 2: Nicola Sturgeon


You know you’re cycling in Glasgow when…

Last night I went to a cycle-powered cinema at The Bike Station in Glasgow thanks to their Better Way to Work scheme. Oh my. It was great. Watching a screen run while I cycled was something else (but getting off to give someone else a go was good too). We were powering a series of … Continue reading You know you’re cycling in Glasgow when…

The Telemachus Generation

In Italy, ancient characters are being brought back into the contemporary discourse. Here I look at how and why. This week, Classical Civilisation students at the University of Glasgow have been reading the Odyssey, looking particularly at so-called ‘recognition scenes’. After Odysseus’ twenty year absence, he returns in disguise and meets many people he used … Continue reading The Telemachus Generation